Commercial Sod Installation

Experienced in Commercial Projects

Our landscape specialists can handle any commercial projects ranging from new built communities to full size condos. A landscape plan and timeline are drawn up for any commercial site based on our customers needs. 

We utilize several on-site foreman which allows us to be able to coordinate and carry-out installations at different key areas consecutively that have been deemed priority by customer.

At the completion of each project, we provide a walkthrough with the customer to ensure they are completely satisfied, and that all requirements have been met. All commercial landscape estimates are tailored specifically to each situation and are free of charge.


Key Benefits of Sod Installation

  Dust and smoke are trapped by sod
  Generates Oxygen
  Keeps your home cooler by acting as an external air conditioner
  Filters ground and rain water
  Reduces soil erosion
  Reduces your carbon footprint
  Cools the air
  Provides a cool surface to walk on
  Absorbs noise
  Stores carbon
  Restores soil quality
  Absorbs pollutants, and cleans the air

This overview of the some of the many benefits of the lawn provides a tribute to the grass plant, truly a gift of nature. Although each plant is small, it contributes so much to our well-being.

---Dr. Eliot Roberts and Beverly Roberts 1989


Commercial Sod installed
Calgary Sod Commercial Sod Installation


Each landscape technician is orientated and trained by a 5 year landscape veteran, and managed by a foreman with a minimum of two years experience. We make sure your projects are handled by experienced professionals, dedicated to making your landscape dreams come true!

We pair our experienced landscape crews with various trusted contractors to ensure every project is finished on time and correctly. Calgary Sod Masters is dedicated to completing jobs to exact customer specifications, while exceeding industry standards to ensure long term sustainability of your new yard.

We realize many of our customers may only utilize our services once to to jumpstart or rejuvenate their lawn. We stand by our work, and strive to provide you with not only the best installation service, but the best after care service as well. There is nothing that makes us happier than giving help or advice to any homeowner whether they are a client or not.

We look forward to working with you!